Author: Antonio Tort

What is BIM

BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling. Talking about BIM, the first question that arises when reading these three words is born of their polysemic character. Particularly, the terms “Building” and “Modeling”. Unfortunately, there are many professionals who have taken the first definition of both terms as good, without pausing to think for a moment that these three words are not there by chance, but are the synthesis of a question that, being complex, is formulated in this way, not casually, to explain its solution. “Building” Agree. A “building” is a building, a facilty, a construction, but in...

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Donald Trump was an option in USA. BIM is not.

The elections in the United States of America open a window for reflection on the need to assume as soon as possible the inexorable adoption of the BIM methodology in the world. Particularly in a country where there is a great challenge for the new President, Mr. Donald Trump, who should not avoid the commitment of the urgent updating of the AECO sector in this matter.   For this reason, and especially considering Mr. Donald Trump’s business trajectory with the real estate world, we would like to leave a few suggestions on his desk at his new job as...

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Collaborative BIMtelligence

The emergence of the Internet as the architecture of new models of thought and action, with horizontal patterns of interaction and unparalleled spatiotemporal offshoring has allowed to design a new system of knowledge generation. Thus, the hyperspecialization obtained from increasingly more experienced and professionals profiles (profiled indeed, pun intended) is the key to, considering search optimization and networking derived from 2.0 environment, create a climate of confidence which results in particular goals and, which is further more important, in overall improvements for the sector. In that sense, BIM represents a golden opportunity for the AECO sector. In fact, this...

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Much more than BIM

Not many years ago it would be unthinkable to create a great team mates distributed in 21 countries spread across four continents. But you have made it possible in this fourth edition of the Master International BIM Manager, more international than ever. At BIM Freelance we are strong advocates of continuous training and, therefore, we are proud to learn from our students while we teach them far more than BIM. This is why these days we have started the collaborative work with which, at a time, we instruct forefront BIM Managers and train professionals of the XXI century ....

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bSI summit16

We`ve got this headlines from #bSIsummit16 4 days at the buildingSMART Standards Summit in Rotterdam are a lot of information but we couldn’t wait any longer. Here you have 3 of our conclusions. BIM is growing glocal: local focus and interpretation for a global technique. The maturity of the bSDD (buildingSMART Data Dictionary) will globalize, simplify and make more agile working in BIM along the different international context. Spain is actively participating in the harmonization of Global BIM protocols and ontology. Next week we’ll come back with further comments and our extended vision of it. Have you been here...

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