The emergence of the Internet as the architecture of new models of thought and action, with horizontal patterns of interaction and unparalleled spatiotemporal offshoring has allowed to design a new system of knowledge generation.

Thus, the hyperspecialization obtained from increasingly more experienced and professionals profiles (profiled indeed, pun intended) is the key to, considering search optimization and networking derived from 2.0 environment, create a climate of confidence which results in particular goals and, which is further more important, in overall improvements for the sector.

In that sense, BIM represents a golden opportunity for the AECO sector. In fact, this methodology could be considered undoubtedly as a paradigm of collaborative intelligence, which gives a qualitative gap to the concept of collective intelligence.

Therefore, as important as the ability to understand and manage BIM it is the attitude to work collaboratively around a methodology that facilitates interdisciplinary communication, key for the XXI century organizations. Not surprisingly, all forms of human communication requires a language and a code, which is inherent to BIM.

Pablo Vazquez Sande *

* Professor of Organizational Communication at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC)