Donald Trump was an option in USA. BIM is not.

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Uncategorised |

The elections in the United States of America open a window for reflection on the need to assume as soon as possible the inexorable adoption of the BIM methodology in the world. Particularly in a country where there is a great challenge for the new President, Mr. Donald Trump, who should not avoid the commitment of the urgent updating of the AECO sector in this matter.
For this reason, and especially considering Mr. Donald Trump’s business trajectory with the real estate world, we would like to leave a few suggestions on his desk at his new job as President of the United States of America.

Please, Mr. Trump, get the Administration in your country to show greater empathy for the dissemination, generalization and management of the use of BIM in the AECO industry.

Assume that, in the construction world, the collaboration between the agents is more and more evident. Buildings and infrastructures intermingle symbiotically with information technologies (Information Technologies: Software, Network, AI, etc.), with the Internet of Things (IoT: Sensors, etc.), with manufacturing , Machinery, Logistics, etc.). The relationship between them is absolute and unstoppable.
Consequently, you has the enormous opportunity (and responsibility) to order and standardize the processes of exchange and collaboration in your country. The IFC, as technological support for interoperability in open format, and the mandatory BIM methodology in the construction projects are first-order issues in which a regulation must be reached to guarantee understanding in the midst of apparent chaos. And if this question is not enough, do not forget that all this has to be done in an increasingly globalized environment: every day is more frequent to find participants from different countries, and even continents, in the construction of a real estate asset.
The issue has already been addressed in a number of countries in Europe and Asia, and in both the Middle East and Australia the BIM methodology has been well established for many years, demonstrating its effectiveness in both productivity and sustainability. The BIM is already here and it is not an option. I assure you that if you take this issue seriously, America, and also the rest of the world, will thank you: it’s all about working together.
Now the ball is in your court, Mr. Trump.