Not many years ago it would be unthinkable to create a great team mates distributed in 21 countries spread across four continents. But you have made it possible in this fourth edition of the Master International BIM Manager, more international than ever.

At BIM Freelance we are strong advocates of continuous training and, therefore, we are proud to learn from our students while we teach them far more than BIM. This is why these days we have started the collaborative work with which, at a time, we instruct forefront BIM Managers and train professionals of the XXI century .

Because network collaborating is much more than working on the same net: it is not enough to know the Internet. It becomes essential to learn the dynamics of digital communities, to know about relationships in “glocal” horizontal organizations (those who aspire to be global enhancing local) and, ultimately play an effective task, precise and delimited in increasingly specialized and transnational teams. The break of spatiotemporal boundaries is here to stay.

Therefore, as well as for BIM Managers it is not enough to be on the net, our students learn how to network with guarantees, being soaked in the new modes of relationship at work. And although nowadays we are many  in this community of BIM-enthusiastics, there is room for you yet. Knowledge, co-creation, co-mmunity … they have something in co-mmon: They start with you. Will you join us?